How to earn money by playing games online

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Hello friends in these days everyone want to earn money online with any way. And that’s is very good thing because money needs everyone today. So in this post i will show you how can you earn money by playing online games.

So in this post we talk about fantasy cricket and fantasy football. You can play this game with real cash and won real cash daily. And requirement of playing this game some knowledge of cricket and football.
Now i know that what question in your mind. Is this game is legal? So I want to say its 100% legal, Its not a gambling. And this game is resisted with Fantasy Sports Trade  Association (FSTA) 

How to earn money playing fantasy cricket game.

So that’s game is Dream11. And you know that its 100% legal so lets know how to play this game.

First you have need to create account on but i recommended you to Register your account with Dream11 pro app because you can earn 100 rupees free amount to play and if you invite your friend to play with this app so you both receved 100 rupees amount. it means if you invite 10 friends to play this game so you have received 1000 rupees.
So first download dream11 pro app here and after use this code SUDES201OP  to register there.

1 friend – 100 Rs.
10 Friends – 1000 Rs.

After creating a account on dream11 you have easily start your earning by easy steps-

1. First you have need to create your dream11 team for live match. and every match you have need to create your 11 players team. In this team you have need 3-5 batsman, 1 wicket keeper, 1-3 all rounder and 3-5 bowlers. view image below-

create team in dream11

2. Join a League with real cash. there are many league available for join.

join league in dream11

3. Win a league.

Won at top rank in dream11

(For example i have join this league with 180 rs and i have won 1500/-)

4. And withdraw your amount. (Your winning amount received in your bank account)

How can you won? How its works?

when you finish your team creation. Then wait for live match. When live match is started then you earn every player has 2 points (if your player are selected in playing 11 in live match. If your player not playing in current live match than you earn 0 point that’s player). So First clear that just select that’s players are more chance to selected in playing 11. When your all players are in playing 11 so you have earn 25 points.

Second thing is Select Caption or vice caption for your team. But how is your caption or vice caption. You need to select player to caption or vice caption that’s is a good form. Means That’s player you trust its playing well today. because your caption points are double in the  game and vice caption points are 1/2. Means if your caption or vice caption is playing good so your more chance to win the game or you get no 1 rank in league.

Third point system- when your players played in match so you have received point of every player. For example your bowler takes a wicket so you earn 10 points, or hit a six so you earn 1 point. To see all point list Click here

I hope this article is helps you to Earn money with play online game. If this article is helpful for you so please share this article on social media- Facebook, google plus, Twitter or other social media.

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