What is the IP address.

what is ip address

What is the IP

IP address is a unique address of a computer. That is helping to communication between one into many computer with each other..

There are two types
of IP address

1 physical IP

2 Logical address

1 physical address: 
physical address are those address which we can’t change
For example: MAC
Address (Media access control) It is a 48 bit address and its divided in to two
parts. 24 bit (provided by IEEE) 24 bit Provided by Manufacture .It is also
known as unique  identification in
2 Logical address :
Logical address are those address which we can change. For example : IP address
(Internet Protocol) . we cannot give same ip address in same network. Is is 32
bit ip address. This IP is also  called
TCP (Transmission Control Protocol). This address can’t give without LAN card.
There are two types
of IP address
  1. Static ip address
  2. Dynamic ip address
            1 Static IP address: this IP address
is provided by user manually. This ip is by default is not changed. But user
can change this manually. 
           2 Dynamic IP Address: Dynamic IP address is provided by DHCP Server (Dynamic Host Control Protocol ) This address is not fixed,it is changed automatically by DHCP server after some time.

Difference Between Static IP and dynamic IP  

              Static IP 
              Dynamic IP
 Its required more time to fill IP address
  IP list monitoring by DHCP Server
 Ip list monitoring by user
  IP list monitoring by DHCP Server
 More chance to error by user
 There are no chance for error
 IP suffer Problem
     No chance

   Classes of IP Address

 IP range
 Subnet mask
 Total no of PC
 1 to 126
 128 to 223
 192 to 239
 Note :- 127 ip address is reserve for loopback for TCP/IP network Configuration.

What Is Subnet mask:  
Each IP address is divided into two parts with the help of subnet mask. First part is called NET ID and seciond part is called HOST ID. HOST ID is not fixed its depend on Net id.. 

 Subnet mask
 Net ID
 Host ID

What is Subnet : Dividing a Large size of network to many small networks to called sub net or sub netting.

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