How to install windows server 2008.

Hello friends today I will help you how to install windows server 2008

Before installation of server 2008 lets see system requirements for installing Windows server 2008
Processor : minimum 1 GHz processor  or 2 GHz processor recommend requirement for installing server 2008 installation.
  • RAM : 2 GB ram is recommended for installing Windows server 2008 installation.
  • Hard Disk Drive : For installing Windows server 2008 40 gb free hard disk space is recommended.
  • DVD : dvd drive is recommended. You also install windows server 2008 by create bootable pen drive

OK now your computer configuration is ready for installation for server  2008 . Now lets know about installing Windows server 2008 follow steps :-

Start your computer and then insert windows server 2008 dvd on dvd drive

Restart your computer and go to BIOS. Select first boot device dvd writer then  then save and restart your computer and press any key boot from dvd.

Select  languages for installation, select your country , select your keyboard or input method and press next button to install server 2008.

Click to install now button to start installation. Type your product activation key or select automatically activation window when I am online.(you also install windows server 2008 by without entering products activation key . If you install without activation key select no option )

Now click on no button select the edition of windows server 2008 that you want to install.after select the edition of windows server 2008 click on I have selected the edition of windows that I purchased option and click on next button.

Then read license term and conditions and select I accept the term and conditions option and click on next button.

After that option show which type of installation do you want? If you upgrade your windows click on upgrade button otherwise click on custom (advance) option to install the windows server 2008 .

After selecting custom option select a drive where you want to install windows server 2008 and click on next button to starting installation of windows server 2008.

before completing installation of windows server 2008 computer is restart one time during installation process. After the windows server 2008 is complete  a massage is show on your screen -user most change the password before the first logon to computer.

After that click on ok button. Then login screen is coming , enter administrator user account  or password  press  enter key. (The password is most be min 7 characters with uppercase ,lowercase, numeric and sign)

Press ok button. Now your server 2008 is now complete.

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