Upgrade your windows 7 to windows 10 free

Upgrade your windows 7 to windows 10 free
Microsoft supports for windows 7 has ends in 14 January 2020. It means after 14 January 2020 Microsoft will not provided new security updates or support current Windows 7 installed PC. So Microsoft provides Limited period offer for old  windows like windows 7/8/8.1 upgrade to windows 10 free and keep your computer secure with latest security updates. But if you don’t want to upgrade your windows  to windows 10 so don’t wary because your computer or PC on windows 7 is still working properly without any problem.

So note that if you are using windows 7 home basic so you can upgrade only to windows 10 home basic or Windows 7 Pro to windows 10 Pro.

If your computer is old configuration so its not recommended you to upgrade your windows to windows 10. You still use your current windows 7 PCWhat service is Microsoft are not providing :-

  • Technical support of any issue in windows
  • Latest software updates solution
  • Security updates or bug fixes  in windows

 windows 7 to windows 10 free

So Let start How to upgrade your PC to winnows 10
First you need to download upgrade  tool from Microsoft official web site Download here
After download right click on tool and run as administrator.
Windows 10 Upgrade

Wait for get ready and click on next

Windows 10 Upgrade

Now Accept microsoft software license terms by click on accept

Windows 10 Upgrade

Now select Upgrade this PC now and click on Next

Windows 10 Upgrade

Accept again Microsoft license terms

Windows 10 Upgrade

Now your windows 10 is ready to install for install click on install

Windows 10 Upgrade
After install your computer is restarting and and your computer windows 7 is ready to working on windows 10

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