How to stop automatic update in windows 10

windows update
Windows updates means latest updates of windows installed in your computer to make your computer up to date with latest updates of your windows and programs. In windows these updates are installed automatically. It means when your computer is online or connected to internet, windows can automatically check and install important updates.

Many times when you update your computer then your computer takes many times to startup or restart and shutdown. In that case you have choose install updates manually in your computer. Or you can stop windows automatic updates in your windows.

To stop windows update in your computer, follow these steps :-
1. Go to Control Panel
2. Click on System and Security

Control panel in windows 10

3. Now click on Administrative Tools

open Administrative Tools in windows 10

4. Click on Services

open Services in windows 10

4. Under the services find Windows update. Now right click on windows update service
5. Click on stop option.

stop windows update in windows 10

7. Click on close . Now windows automatically updates is stopped or turn off in your computer.

update stopped in windows 10

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