Top 10 tips to make computer run faster

Computer Running slow is very common problem for users. Many people has faced this problem. When you working on your computer then you facing a hanging problem on your computer. Because your computer is running very slow. To resolved this problem you need to increase your computer speed.

Top 10 tips to make computer run faster

There are another option for you  a buy a new computer with latest configuration to be a good speed. But that’s is not a solution if you want to increase your computer you need to be a makes your computer run faster. And i will help you to make your computer faster.

So first you need to know that HOW TO WORKING YOUR COMPUTER SLOW. there are many reason to working your computer slow. if you have a old computer with old configuration and you used latest software on it so most be your computer running slowly. There are many more reason for working computer slow just like -if your computer is infected with a virus and may be your hard disk problem or low memory.

Top 10 tips to make computer run faster

So that’s is the time for solve your computer working slow problem and make your computer faster. in this article i have show you to top 10 tips for make your computer run faster. you most follow steps below:-

1. Make sure Antivirus up to date :- Virus is as most of the reason for make your computer slow. most of virus direct attack on your computer in registry. So computer is running very slow and user also faced a hanging problem. So if your computer is working slow, make sure that antivirus program is install on your computer and its up-to-date. if not so you have to be need a install a antivirus software in your computer.

2. Clean Unwanted or temporary files on your computer :- There is one of the main reason to make your computer slow is lots of  temporary or unwanted files in your computer. that’s files make storage full in your computer. So check in your computer there are temporary files or not. so make your computer run faster so you need to clean your computer with unwanted files or temporary files in your computer

3. Uninstall unused software in your computer :-  If  in your computer unused or unwanted software are installed so that’s the reason of  working slow of your computer . they software are installed automatically from internet or by user fault. they software are ruining every time on your computer in background. And its makes a happy load on your computer. So you want to make your computer faster so you need to be a uninstall, a unwanted software in your computer.

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4. Remove Unwanted Startup Programs and services :-  Many times when we have start a computer so some application or programs are automatically start we called that startup programs that;s programs are make your computer very slow . Some services are also running in background with computer start . So you need to be Remove these programs and services on your computer to make run faster to your computer

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5. Increase Your Hard Disk Drive space :-  Low hard disk space is a one of the reason of working slow of your computer.  if you want to make computer run faster so you need to be a increase your hard disk drive space of your computer.

6. Increase RAM :- RAM (Random Access Memory) low ram on your computer is a reason one of the reason to working slow. Computer speed is depending on Computer ram. if computer ram is good its working fine and low ram on your computer is may be on hanging problem on computer. more then GB ram is good for computer you can increase more then. So to make run your PC faster you need to be increase your computer RAM. its we also called a physical ram.

7. Run Disk Cleanup :-  Disk cleanup is Microsoft default utility  available in windows. You can run this utility to increase your computer speed because disk cleanup utility is make free of your hard disk space its also clean your temporary files,offline webpages, empty recycle bin. So if you want to make run computer faster so you need to run disk cleanup in your computer.

8. Reload windows and reset compute :-  Reload and reset your windows is good solution to increase your computer speed . many time some virus are affected your computer, temporary files, windows errors, and computer is working slow all these problem has one solution is reload your computer operating system . its make a clean and fresh your computer. So i suggest you to make computer faster you most need to reload a fresh OS in your computer

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9. Clean computer dust :-  If dust inside in your computer that’s is a reason for hanging and working slow of computer. in case you need to open youe computer case cover and clean your computer  with brush or electrical air blor. its may be helps to run your computer faster.

10. Upgrade your computer hardware :-  If all of steps you have not able to increase your computer speed so you need to upgrade your computer hardware  just like good microprocessor or a good motherboard , ram and hard disk drive . you can buy it from nearest computer hardware shop.

I hope this post is helps you to increase your computer speed and makes help to run computer faster  . If this post is useful for you and you  like this post please share this post  with  your friend on Facebook, twitter, Google plus and more .Please  comment your experience about this post in comment box , and you also follow  us  by email and other social media .

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