Top 10 best Messanger apps in world for mobile.

top 10 messenger in world
Top 10 Messenger

 Hello friends, Today is the use of smart phones in the world for almost everyone. Or you can say smart phone has become a requirement in today’s world. Nowadays the use of smart phones is strongly messenger app . In messenger text message we can send to any of your friends, voice chat can also, and also we can make video chatting,voice chatting , photos & video forwards and many more. So today i will show you top 10 messenger apps available in the world that u can use it on your android mobile.

1 Whatsapp Messenger:-

Whatsapp downlaod

 Whats-app messenger is most popular messenger in the world .It is a first largest app used in the world. Almost every people use whats-app messenger in whats-app messenger you can chat with your friends send photos ,or share  videos. you can also group chat on whats-app. Now whats-app is available  free on lifetime period. whats-app is don’t show any ads. In whats-app messenger few stickers. but over 100 millions people are use whats-app messenger on the world. you can  download whatsapp om play store. website:-

2. Messenger :-

Facebook Messenger
Facebook Messenger

  Messenger is 2nd Largest messenger app used in the world. we can use messenger for Facebook chat. in Facebook messenger we can send photos , videos ,stickers and many more. In Facebook messenger we can also use voice chat or video chat. in this m,messenger we can use group chat also. messenger by Facebook is available on play store. its free of cost. 

3. WeChat :-

Logo of WeChat
Logo of WeChat

 we chat is a messaging app that is used 700 millions people over the world. we can use wechat messenger for text chat SMS or MMS .we can also share voice and video calls. we also share photos and many more. we can make phone calls from wechat. In wechat we have crate group upto 500 people and many more strikers here. wechat support many languages. we can also use wechat on desktop app. Website :-

4. LINE :- 

Logo of LINE
Logo of LINE

 Line is the most popular messaging app in world. Over 600 millions user on line . we use line for make voice call , video call , text chat, stickers . we have add over 200 people on group chat. we can share photos , videos , and many more with friends. we can also use LINE on PC. In Line available largest collection of stickers. With the help of line you can make international calls to mobile or landline. Website:-

5. Telegram :- 

Logo of Telegram
Logo of Telegram

 Telegram is a most popular messaging app. Telegram messenger is simple,secure and super-fast messenger in the world. telegram is  simple and most popular app in world. we can use telegram for text chat , send photos, videos, and send of many files just like Telegram is free messaging app and its show not any ads on app. We have make Group chat on its app and add over 5000 user on the group.  Website:- 

6. Viber :- 

Logo of Viber
Logo of Viber

Viber is a most popular messaging app in the world and its free. over 500 million people used viber i the world. we have use viber for text massage, share photos, share videos, send stickers and make a voice call or video chats. There are very beautiful striker on viber. we have also use viber on pc. You can also hide specific chats from messaging screen. You can play games on viber with your friends. Website :-

7. Kik Messenger :- 

Logo of KiK
Logo of KiK

Kik is free messenger app, kik is most popular app in the world . over 100 million people used kik messenger. In kik messenger for making a account you have no need to required your phone number, you have just pick a username of your name and used a kik messenger with you friends.
You can share text massage , photos, videos, games and many more. website:-

 8. Skype :- 

Logo of Skype

 Skype is messaging and video calling app. we can use Skype both pc and mobile. It is most popular app for video calling in the world You can make a video call from skype all ovcer the world, You can also make group video chat with sSkype over 25 people.You can make international call in very low cost with the help of skype. You can send a text massage on Skype.
Website :- 

9. BBM (Blackberry Messenger):- 

Logo of BBN
BBN Logo

  BBM is a black berry messenger. BBM is a free  messaging app is available on playstore also and other  smartphones. You can share photos, Videos, files , documents, and many more. You can also make a video chat with BBM user. In BBM most of sticker are available.  Website :-

10.  Google Hangouts :-

LOGO of Hangouts
Hangouts Logo

 Hangouts is free messaging and video calling app by google. You can send SMS/MMS on Hangouts . You can make group chat with friends over 150 people.  You can also share photos, videos, voice massages and phone calling. Website :- 

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