How to Accept or Reject all Facebook friend request at once by single click.

Hello friends today i will show you how to accept your all Facebook friends by a single click. Now these days almost everyone used Facebook. Today’s young generation spend a lot  of time in Facebook . Or simply say Facebook has become a habit of the people in today’s world.

how to accept or reject all facebook friend request at once

 So if you are using Facebook so naturally You will get many friend requests on Facebook. And you will waste most of time to accept the request or more. So today i will help you to save your this time because you can accept your all friend request by single click. how you can follow steps bellow –

How to Accept or Reject all Facebook friend request

 at once by single click.

1. Go to google chrome and open and type facebook toolkit  
2. Search then click on Toolkit For Facebook – Chrome Web Store – Google

download facebook toolkit

3.. Toolkit for facebook window will open. Click on ADD TO CHROME button

how to install facebook tool kit

4 After that Facebook toolkit is add your chrome browser automatically .You can look Facebook toolkit logo on your toolbar see in image below.

add facebook toolkit to google chrome

5. When toolkit for Facebook is add on your browser then double click on Facebook toolkit extension to open that.

6. After that click  Accept/ Reject All friend Friend Requests At Once.

How to accept all facecbook friend request by single click.

Now your all Facebook friend request is accepted.

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