How to link your Facebook account to Twitter account.

Hello friends Today we know that how to link Facebook or Twitter account together. when we link both account together then Facebook or Twitter automatically post your twitter twit to Facebook or your Facebook post to twitter page. You have use this process,  if you have not enough time to manage your both account. When you link both your post are posted both account automatically, and your both account is active without using another. 

How to link a twitter to facebook account
How to link twitter account to facebook

 So if you want to do this you can follow some steps to do this process. Now you are ready to do this process so first go to Facebook login. then login with your Facebook account. Then go setting when you go to setting there are many option you  click on Follower  option. when you go on Follower setting option you have found there Twitter option . On twitter option click on edit link.
Then you have a option

 Have a Twitter account? connect your twitter account to reach your Facebook and Twitter followers at the same time

You have found there Link profile to twitter button click on this button. see images bellow:-

How to link twitter account to facebook account
How to link a account

When you click link profile to twitter button , after that Facebook is asked you to login with your Twitter account. Enter your Twitter username or twitter password and click on login button. When you click on login button Facebook is asking you to Authorize Facebook to use your account. if you agerywith this then click on Authorize app button . see on image bellow :-

auhtorize twitter account on facebook
Authorize account

After that on a new window you have show a massage on your screen  

You Facebook Profile is now linked to Twitter. You are now sharing your public updates on twitter as ‘your profile name’ you can always undo this.

 On this page you have select what you want to share Facebook  post to twitter. for example photos,videos,status, notes,events etc. Click on a check box that you want to show to your twitter account and click on save changes.see image bellow:-

how to link twitter account to facebook account
link twitter account

when you click on save changes button your twitter account linked with Facebook proceeds is complete now

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