Tips for Safe Mobile Banking

tips for safe banking
Tips for Safe Mobile Banking. Today, virtually every private and public sector banks have their own mobile app. And a place to stand in long queues to the bank a few clicks all the necessary work can be done from mobile banking. But it is important to exercise caution while using mobile banking. To prevent fraud are required to maintain their banking information confidential.

With the availability of the Internet on a mobile phone for mobile banking transactions by most people today is engaged to her. But some carelessness that could become problematic for you. So its very important to use your mobile banking with safely.

Tips for Safe Mobile Banking.

  1. Secure Mobile Password :- If you use Mobile banking so a Secure password required in your mobile is  very important. Do not  use your mobile phone without auto lock password. And make sure that your password is strong (password should be in min eight digit with Letter, Numbers ans special Character ) So that no any one can use your mobile.
  2. Don’t use Public wifi :- When you using Mobile banking then take care or don’t use any public or free wifi . because on public wifi virus can attack on your mobile. To protect your phone from virus always use Antivirus in your mobile and turn on firewall always on.
  3. Clear Browser History :- After using Internet banking Delete your browser history. Because if smartphone is lost or hacked so no anyone can used your internet or mobile banking user or password. So its very important to clear your history for safe banking.
  4. Take care about Personal Information :- While using your Mobile banking Undisclosed your Personal Information like:  Account No., DOB, Debit card no., Password, PAN Card, or other personal information. If you share all of these information then your Account is hacked easily.

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