The Best Betting Sites 2018

The Best Betting Sites
The Never Ending Rise Of Fantasy Sports
Fantasy sports are online leagues and competitions made of virtual teams and real life players, in which people participate just for fun or for the grand prize. The most popular sports are football, basketball, hockey, yet some people even play fantasy cricket.


To compete in a league, you need a computer or a smartphone, a stable internet connection, and a hosting site. The most popular site is Yahoo with about 50k downloads. There are other popular websites and apps, and the industry just keeps growing. About 21% of the entire US population plays fantasy sports.


What makes fantasy sports exciting is that your success depends on your management skills, tactics, and how actual athletes perform in real time matches! This is what sets fantasy sports apart from sports betting, where you don’t have control over match outcome.


Both can include cash prizes and risky investments, yet both are very exciting. It’s just that fantasy sports depend solely on your managerial skills. For example, a poor player transfer or a bad match lineup could ruin your chances of winning a league. And of course, just like with any real sports, you can ( bet online on a Fantasy Sports game and potentially earn some money that way as well.

Along with free or low entrance fee for fantasy leagues, there are daily fantasy leagues with a grand prize of 1 million dollars. Two top websites for playing such leagues are DraftKings and FanDuel.


The fantasy craze had real influence on how people watch sports and how actively they read sports content. Major brands like Snickers, Toyota, and Lenovo recognized this potential and sponsored fantasy leagues.


Real time sports leagues also benefit from the fantasy leagues. They sell exclusive content, views, and products. Those who regularly play daily fantasy leagues spend 50% more time online. They are even more likely to shop online!


The most popular countries for fantasy sports are US and Canada, where fantasy sports are legal in 36 states. Daily fantasy leagues are legal in most of Europe, and more countries are in the process of regulating fantasy sports, as they are not just a trend but a real business.


Fictional as it may be, this game changes how we feel about real sports, sponsorships, socializing, and betting. It’s a virtual sports game, but the money in this industry is real.


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