How to reset hikvision dvr password

reset hikvision dvr password
Now days everyone has installed CCTV cameras in homes and office. And everyone is changing the password of your DVR. Sometimes you forgot your password what was you change. In this case you have need to reset your dvr password. So in this article i will show how can you reset your hikvision dvr password.
How to reset hikvision DVR password. you have need to follow some steps below- 
To reset your hikvision dvr first download SADP tool    Download 

Install SADP tool in computer or laptop. Connect the DVR device in local network and Open SADP tool, Select the device to be recover for password.

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1 Select your DVR that’s you want to reset password.
2. And click on forgot password.

open sadp tool bt hikvision

3. Click on Export button (after that it will ask you to save file)

how to reset hikvision dvr password

4. Save XML file in your computer drive

reset dvr password

5.  You can save file in anywhere but i suggest you to create a new folder in your any drive and save file.

how to reset hikvision dvr password

6. Now mail this XML file to attach xml file that you save in your computer drive.

send exported file to hikvision

7. Wait some time hikvision reply you to your email. You will get one encryption key from hikvison. After receiving key save that in your computer drive or save any folder.

reset hik vision dvr password

8. Open sdap tool again and click on forget password but now provide the path of encryption key that you have saved in your computer.

9. Enter new password that’s you want to set (For example sudesh@123). Enter password again to confirm password.

10. Click on Confirm button to reset the password.

enter new password and reset hikvision dvr password

Now enjoy your dvr password has reset successfully.

I hope this article is helps you to reset password of your hikvision dvr. If you like this article so don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook, twitter, google plus and other social media.

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