How to create pendrive bootable ?

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Today i will Show you how to make your usb pen drive to bootable  pendrive for installing windows or operating system without any software .

How to crate pendrive bootable

  1. Insert your usb pen drive to your cmd and run as administrator
  2. Type Diskpart and press enter and wait for diskpart program
  3. Type list disk to view active disks on your computer. its show there your computer hard disk or your USB pendrive. (if your pendrive is disk 1 )
  4. Type select disk 1 and press enter.
  5. Type clean and press enter (to your usb drive) 
  6. Type create Partition primary and press enter 
  7. Type Select partition 1 and press enter.
  8. type Active and press enter (to make your drive to active )
  9. Type format fs=ntfs quick and press enter(to format your pen drive)
  10. Type exit and press enter. (to exit diskpart)
  11. Copy windows dvd data and past in to your bootable pen drive 
  12. Finish
          your pen drive is ready to bootable flash drive

You also make pendrive bootable by some other software 
you download thease software from original site :

  1. Rufus
  2. Win tobootic
  3. Universal usb installer 
  4. Xboot
  5. Win setup from usb
  6. Linux live usb creator(lili)

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