Computer is power on but no display how to solve.

Hi friend don’t worry I have help you. Display problem is most common problem in computers.when you computer start and you see computer is power on but there is no display on monitor. monitor show display is going to sleep. So what is the problem. The problem is your completer is not able to give display to monitor.

Computer is power on but not display how to solve.

                            So next thing that is in our mind. What is the reason of no display on computer. So now i want tell you there is not a one reason for computer display problem. there are many issue.
There are many parts in computer that is responsible for giving display on computer. So lats know what is the reason:-

 Reason 1 RAM :- 

Main  reason for no display in your computer is RAM problem. Its ram work to give display on monitor screen. So if you have display problem so open your computer case remove RAM on motherboard slot by pressing two lock on coroner of ram, or clean RAM with brush and also clean RAM slot on motherboard if dust on motherboard. Now reassembled RAM on motherboard means set RAM again on ram slot. If after that you have same problem so please check your RAM it may be faulty. (you also check this ram  to set it on another computer if you have other wise you go to computer hardware shop ) So if you ram is faulty purchase new ram on market and place it on your computer i am sure your computer is working fine.

Reason 2 SMPS :- 

 What happens a few times you start your computer or its normally power on but  its don’t show any display on monitor. you know its ram problem but  you check in reason 1 if ram is ok so it may be SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply of computer )problem. but a question come in your mind my SMPS is working fine my computer is on because working of SMPS is given a power of motherboard by converting ac to dc voltage and my computer is power on and its display problem so how can my SMPS is faulty.  So want to tell you SMPS is given 12 v power on motherboard if SMPS not given proper voltage i means its giving  foe example 8 or 10 v it means power supply is faulty you check voltage by multi-meter So if computer not received proper voltage so its not give a display on monitor. To solver this problem repair SMPS or Purchase new one from your near computer shop.(I suggest you always go to purchase new one its vary low of cost.)

Reason 3 CMOS :-

 BIOS is another common problem for no display in computer. many time your cmos setting is wrong by virus or more so your computer not able to given display on monitor. Don’t wary you can resolve this issue by yourself. First power off of your computer open computer case cover and see on motherboard. Now try found cmos clr jumper on motherboard, this jumper is three pins and jumper on 1 or 2 pin. you just open this jumper and put on 2 or 3 no pins for  1 or 2 mints and again set jumper to default position on 1 or 2 no of pins. now connect power to your computer and power on your computer . i wish your computer id show display now.

Reason 4 Microprocessor :-

  Microprocessor is brain of computer. Its is introduced by inlet or AMD. microprocessor is a common reason of no display on your computer. But microprocessor failure chance is very low its almost 1% . Microprocessor is very high of cost.

Reason 5 Motherboard :- 

Motherboard is very important part in computer. Its high in cost. Motherboard is one reason for no display in computer. because motherboard is allowed to communication to microprocessor ,RAM and other peripherals or components. so if motherboard is faulty you have two option purchase a new one or repair it from your near computer hardware shop. you are nor repair it yourself.
              You also check computer not display problem by BIOS beeps code by Troubleshooting of BIOS fault        

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