Top 15 computer maintenance tips for computer user

computer maintenance tips
 Computer maintenance tips for new computer users is very important to understand. So in this article I have tell you top 15 tips for make your computer safe.

1. Keep your computer software and operating system up to date. Because when your computer software is updated then its working properly.

2. Always install a good antivirus in your computer and update antivirus regularly for protract your computer from virus and malware. If you are using computer without antivirus so virus and malware is affected your computer. Whereby the risk of lost data in your computer. So install antivirus in your computer and keep safe your computer from virus, spam and malware.

3. After some times remove temporary and prefetch files from your computer. Because these too many files are affected your computer speed and there is a problem in computer hanging. So delete these files regularly.

4. Keep clean your computer from dust for  save your computer from overheating and hanging problem. You can use dust cover for your computer.

5. Uninstall unwanted or unused software and programs from your computer. Because unwanted softwares and programs efected your computer speed, your computer space and your RAM preformance.

6. Don’t turn off your computer by pressing direct power button. Because direct computer off may damage your computer’s hard disk. So proper shut down your computer or laptop and then press power off button.

7. Update your all old drivers. when you up to date  all driver so your computer hardware working properly. And you will get good performance.

8. Empty your recycle bin regularly and save your hard disk space. If you delete files in your computer and you don’t delete the files from recycle bin, even then your hard disk capacity is not reduced. Because files are saved in your recycle bin so its important to empty your recycle bin regular.

9. Clear all your internet browser history. Because more internet browser history and files are reduced your browser, internet and  computer speed.

10. Always protect your computer with user password. Its very important for your computery security and your data safty. So always set user password and make your pc secure from others.

11. Backup your all data regularly on external hard disk drive for your data safety. Because many times in computer data accidentally deleted from us or many times data is deleted due to virus, malware and spam. So its very important to backup your all data in external hard disk drive.

12. Always use your computer on UPS (Uninterruptible Power Source) for electricity backup. UPS prevents your computer suddenly shut down. So use UPS for your computer safety.

13. Always enable your windows firewall for your computer security. Firewall is security software by default in your windows. Firewall is blocked some harmful programs and its also secure your computer from network or internet. Many times you have need to disable firewall so disable firewall and then enable again.

14. Use disk cleanup – Disk cleanup is a inbuilt utility in windows. disk cleanup utility helps you for free up your hard disk space and increase your computer speed. So its very importantt to analyzes your hard disk with disk cleanup tool after few days or month.

15. Upgrade your computer hardware for best performance just like Ram, Processor, HDD. Many times your computer working very slow because you have install latest software, drivers and OS in your computer or laptop. So if your computer is low configuration supported hardware so you have need to upgrade your computer hardware just like RAM, Microprocessor for increase your speed and Hard Disk Drive to increase your computer storage.

I hope this article is helps you to well  maintain your computer and laptop. If this post is helpful for you so don’t forget to share this on social media with your friends.

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