TOP 10 Website for free software download.

Top 10 website for free software download.

   You most need to some software for your computer. but you don’t know, where from download free software. There are many free software are available on internet but you need to find that.
Today in this post i have helps you to find these free software on internet . There are many Website that’s are provide you to download free software. Not all software are free to download, some software are paid and you need to purchase or paid to download.

top 10 website for free software download
Most of software is available on internet that’s are free to download, but need to find them . There are many website for free software download but Today i am going to show you top 10 website for free software download that is available on internet.


Top 10 websites sort-list by solution for computer 

    1.   Cnet Download
    2.   Softpedia
    3.   Softonic           
    4.   Filehippo
    5.   Fiehorse
    6.   Brothersoft 
    7.   Filecluster
    8.   Download3000
    9.   Soft32 
    10. Open source Mac

    1. Cnet download :- Cnet download free software download and apps given 1st ranking By solution for computer.This Website is launched in 1996. CNET is provides free software for Windows , Mac and Mobiles. It is no 1 sits for free software download because you find almost everyone software on there.
    Cnet is provides you over 1 lac software. Cnet is also provide you editor’s rating for every software, you can can download best software from here by seen Editor’s rating.
    image of cnet download website
    Cnet Download

    2. Softpedia :- Softpedia ia Ranking No2 by solution for computer. This Website is launched on 2001 by
    SoftNews NET SRL Romania. softpedia provides you  free software download for Windows, Mac, Linux. Its also provide mobiles app , and games. This is a good website because you can download free software from here, and you can also download drivers from here. Softpedia is provides latest software for his user.

    image of Softpedia website

    3. Softonic :-  Softonic is Ranking No. 3 by solution for computer. Softonic is launched in 1997. Softonic has over 100 millions user worldwide. Softonic is provide a free software download for Windows, Linux or mac.  Its also provide app app for computer and mobiles and  all games and tutorials. softonic is also provide tool for android.

    image of softonic website

    4. Filehippo :- Filehippo is Ranking No.4 by solution for computer. Filehippo is launched in 2004. Filehippo is best website for downloads for free software . its very easy to download software from here. filehippo is provides all types of software for windows and  Mac. its provide you to latest software and all software is manage by category . Its my favorite site for download software.

    image of Filehippo website

    5. Filehorse :- File horse is Ranking No. 5 by Solution for computer. This site is same as filehippo and same design  as a filehippo. This is provides you free software for windows and Mac or web application. They are provides you to latest software. file hippo is manage all software by its category. You can download free antivirus from here.

    image of filehorse website

    6. Brothersoft :-  Brothersoft is Ranking No.6 by solution for computer. This Website is launched in 2002. That’s is a best Website to download free software. Brothersoft provides All free software to download for windows, Mac or Linux  and its also provide to download games drivers for computer and mobile or android  apps.

    image of Brothersoft website

    7. Filecluster :-  Filecluter is Ranking No.7 by solution for computer. Filecluster  Website is launched in 2006. Filecluster is provided all free software for windows, Linux. or mac . Its also provided all types of games , drivers, reviews. that’s is most popular websites in the world. this website is also know as provided latest software.

    image of filecluster website

    8. Download3000 :- Download3000 is Ranking No.8 By solution for computer. this website is provided all software for windows, Linux, Mac. Its also provided news and tips for user. Its also provide games and other utility. 
    image of DOWNLOAD3000 website

    9. Soft32 :- Soft32 is Ranking No.9 by solution for computer. This website is provide all types of downloads and reviews website,  up-to-date software, free downloads and reviews for Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android. Its also provides all games and tools

    image of soft32 website

    10. Open source Mac :-  This website is Ranking No.9 by solution for computer. This site is provide free software for Mac OS only. Its also provide for open source iPhone software. 
    image of Open Source Mac website
    Open Source Mac
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