How to transfer photos from iphone to computer

transfer photos from iphone to computer

How to transfer photos from iphone. Want to move your cherished photos from your iPhone to a computer? Look no further! Here’s how you can easily transfer all your snaps to your trusty desktop in just a few simple steps.


How to transfer photos from iphone to computer

Step 1: Your phone may ask for permission to connect, so hit “Trust” and enter your passcode if required.

Step 2: On your computer, open up the Photos app or File Explorer (depending on whether you’re using Mac or Windows). You should see your iPhone listed as an external device – click on it.

Step 3: Once you’ve selected your iPhone, choose the photos that you want to transfer over to your computer. You can select individual pictures or whole albums!

Step 4: Click on “Import” and wait patiently while your pictures make their way onto your computer. Depending on how many pics you’re transferring, this could take a little while.

Step 5: Voila! Time to get snapping again!

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