How to set user password In windows

set user password In windows
The password for the computer user is very important. If your computer in your home or office or any place and  you are not there. So you want someone not to use your computer. So you can  put a password on your computer and make your computer are safe.

So to protect your computer from other user or hackers you most set a strong password on your computer. For set a strong password you can include letters, numbers and symbols and space in your password.

You can follow some tips for creating strong password in windows

1.) Is 20 to 30 characters long.
2.) Is a series of words that create a phrase.
3.) Does not contain common phrases found in literature or music.
4.) Does not contain words found in the dictionary.
5.) Does not contain your user name, real name, or company name.
6.) Is significantly different from previous passwords or

How to set User password In windows

For Setting a password on user in windows is very easy. You will have to  follow some steps below :-

1. Right Click on My Computer and click on Manage option to open Computer Management.

Set user password in windows

2. Select Local User and Groups Under System tools in Computer Management.
3. Click on Users Under Local Users and Groups.
4. Right click on user and click on set password.

Set user password in windows

5. Click on Proceed button.

Set user password in windows

6.Enter your password and click on OK button.

Set user password in windows

7. The password has been set. click on OK button.

how to Set user password in windows

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