How to reset cp plus dvr password

cp plus dvr reset
Many times you change your DVR password for security reason, not only DVR rather your mobile and computer too. And sometimes you forgot password. So in this case you need to reset your password. In this article we will talk about CP plus DVR password reset. If you have cpplus dvr and you forgot your DVR password so this post is for you.

For reset your CP plus DVR First call to CP Plus customer care on toll free no for example in India (1800-103-5666). If you are in other country then call customer care no that’s available for your country. Tell customer care about your DVR password is locked.

After that cpplus customer care will give you a  email id and say send DVR model no, S/N, date and time. Follow some steps below :-

  • First create new mail enter email address for example To
  • Enter DVR password reset in subject  box.
  • Enter you DVR model no, S/N, date and time.
  • And click on send button.

You also read :-

Wait 15 to 20 mints and check your email inbox. CP Plus customer care will send you a email. In this email customer care send you a master password for your dvr that’s is only valid for 1 day. your email looking something like this

Please use the Master Password for Today as 554800 or 025800. This password is only valid for today. If this password doesn’t work, then please use 718700. Kindly use the master password from VGA/HDMI.

In this email if you see you have received three password that all are valid for 1 day. So now you will need to follow next steps on DVR. But after that you will need to follow some procedure to reset the dvr password that’s are given below:

  1. Remove LAN cable if it is attached
  2. Restart you DVR
  3. Choose the “admin” account in  USERNAME
  4. Use MASTER PASSWORD in PASSWORD. Now  you can access your DVR
  5. Go for Main Menu >Advance > Account
  6. Select “admin” user
  7. Click on Modify Password, In Old Password Use Master Code,
  8. In New & Confirm Password type your new password (without any special characters).
Now your CP plus DVR password is now reset successfully.
I hope this article is helpful for you and its helps to reset your DVR password if you forget and received user locked message. If this article is useful for you so share this article with your friends on social media Facebook, Twitter, Google + and other social media.


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