Cannot find or load Microsoft installer error in Skype :Solved

Cannot find or load Microsoft installer
Cannot find or load Microsoft installer error while installing Skype. This error is show when you trying to install Skype in windows 7 not in windows 8 or  windows 10. The trouble is, a lot of people. because when they are starting a
installation of Skype when error is appear on the screen- 

Cannot find or load Microsoft installer.please update your computer and try running Skype again.
This problem is comes with latest version of Skype software. when you installing latest version of Skype then Cannot find or load Microsoft installer. error is appear on screen. But don’t worry, I will help you solve the problem. And if this article will help you solve your problem so please share this with your friends.
Cannot find or load Microsoft installer. How to solve?
To fix Cannot find or load Microsoft installer error  you have just need to  follow some steps below- 
  •  To fix cannot find or load Microsoft installer error first you should install Microsoft internet explorer 11 on your computer. But make sure that you have install Internet explorer 11 only on windows 7 service pack 1 OS. (in you have not a sp 1 os so install windows 7 sp1 update )
install internet explorer 11 in windows 7
  • When internet explorer is installed successfully then install Skype latest version setup. And now you did not see any error while installing Skype.
installing skype
  • You see finely Skype is install successfully without any error on windows 7. so now open Skype and sign in and enjoy video calling with your friends.
sign in in skype
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