RVMS CP Plus Red Astra series DVR software for PC

RVMS CP Plus Red Astra series DVR
RVMS CP Plus Red Astra series DVR. RVMS is latest client software for CP Plus Red series DVR products. The suppressible toolbar, succinct GUI and rich functionality make it very intelligent and user-friendly monitoring management software which can be used in various scenes. This software could be used for connecting kinds of devices, such as DVS, DVR and so on.

This software is compatible with windows Vista/Xp/2000/2003/7/8/10(windows 98 is not recommended) Please shut down all activated anti-virus software and firewalls during the installation process, otherwise the device may not be detected.

RVMS CP Plus Red Astra series DVR software

Download software  here :-

Download RVMS User's Manual V1.01

Feature of Software

1 User & privacy management RVMS support three-level organization management system, user management and permissions management.

2 Use data interface System data interaction use data interface, could support kinds of database flexibly, like SQL, MYSQL, XML and so on.

3 Support edit and add device by Excel table Allows users to import or export devices using the binary files(filename extension: bin),much more easier in coping with the maintenance of a large batch devices. which improves system’s useability and significantly reduces the workload of maintenance.

4 Smart video transmission protocol Using the Smart video transmission protocol, the system can fully utilize the bandwidth of a network. Especially in situations when the bandwidth of the front-end network condition was limited. The system can still operates under a narrow bandwidth, without reducing the quality of the images.

5 Perfected video surveillance system Allows the real-time surveillance and many other abilities. Such as alarm activated video record, auto-surveillance record, record playback and etc. Able to control the recording on every channel.

6 Dynamic decoding buffer adjust The real-time surveillance is able to modify the priority setting between the video’s fluency and it’s real-timing with flexibility. Should the user chose to give fluency the priority, the system will provide much fluent images. Otherwise, the system will focus on providing real-time images. Thus, the system is capable of satisfying all kinds of needs

7 Allows multi-channel playback

 Software Requirment

  1.  Hardware CPU: P4/2.0G
  2.  Graphics CPU: ATI9800 or above(two channels)
  3.  Graphics memory: 128MB or above
  4.  Graphics bus Width: 128bit
  5.  The graphics card must be able to perform hardware scaling(such as ATI and TNT2 PRO).
  6.  Network interface card:100/1000M

Note: If devices have high resolutions or there are too many channels at the same time, in order to have a good performance, system requires much advanced hardware than we listed above.

For More Download full User’s Manual of RVMS software    DOWNLOAD NOW

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