The following devices are
frequently used in the network:
It is a device used to connect computers in a star topology network.
     In a
network using hub,if PC1 want to send data to PC3,the data is sent to all the
PCs present in the
network but only PC3 will
accept the data.Hub employs broadcast,i.e.,it sends data to every PC in the
The speed of the network decreases as the number of PCs in the network
increases due to the
broadcasting nature of the
hub.Broadcasting generates unnecessary traffic resulting into the slowdown of
the network.
     It is
an advanced hub.It is also called intelligent hub or switching hub.
In a network using switch,if PC1 wants to send data to PC3,the data is directly
sent to the PC3.There is no
unnessary broadcasting.Switch
employs unicasting to transfer data.Unicasting means to send data on one-to-one
Whenever a PC sends data to the
other PC,it sends the source address and destination address along with the
Switch can reads the MAC
addresses of the PCs in the network and store them in the ROM chip of the
switch.This will
help the switch in unicasting.
   The speed of the
network increases as we use switch instead of hub.
   It is a device
used to reduce network traffic in a network using hubs to connect computers.
  For example,we have a
network of 50 PCs.We can divide it into two subnetworks of 25 PCs each and can
these two subnetworks with a
bridge.In such a scenerio,if PC1 wants to send data to PC3,the bridge will not
forward data
to the other subnetwork as the
PC3 is present in the subnetwork I only.This feature of bridge help in
network traffic in a network.
   Bridge can store
the MAC addresses of the PCs.
    It is a
device used to connect two or more networks.For example,we have a network 1 and
a network 2.
Network 1 uses class A address
and network 2 uses class C address.To connect these networks,we can use
router.Routers can read logical
addresses of the PCs.
  It is device used to
connect networks having very different architectures or addressing schemes.
For example,we can connect
ethernet network(commonly used now-a-days) with the mainframe network of
IBM with the help of gateway.
   It is a device
used to increase the strength of digital signals.It acts like digital amplifier.
For example,a normal cat5 cable
have a range of 100 metres,i.e.,after 100 metres the strength of the signals
to the minimum.We can use
repeater in this case if you are connecting two PCs which are more than 100
metres apart
from each other.

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