Introduction to Domain

Microsoft Active Directory Domain Network
In Microsoft Active Directory domain network,win 2000.2003 server computer is used as Domain Controller (DC) which controls other computers called client computer. DC is created by installing Active Directory in win 2000/2003 server computer.

What is Active Directory?
AD is a database containing list of user accounts, computer accounts, shared folder, printers, group policy object present in the domain network. The service running AD is called Active Directory Service. Client pc’s use the protocol LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to access the ADS.

Use of DNS in Domain Network
Dns is the Microsoft Domain Network helps in the following ways:
1. DNS provides ADS services to the clients.
2. Clients locate DC’s through DNS.
3. DNS provides name Resolution Service in the network.
4. Active Directory Domain Network is given the same neme as the DNS domain network.

How to Configure a domain network?

There are main two steps in creating a domain network
Step 1 :- first create a Domain Controller by installing AD in server computer.
Step 2 :- Second create a computer account for each client pPC or make the client PC member of the domain

Features of Domain Network:- 
1. DC usually has server and powerful hardware.
2. Client PCs have win xp, win 7 and more
3. Every server PC can be made member of the such server is called Member server
4. user account are created in the DC and a user can log on using any client PC in the Domain Network
5.All the client PCs can be controlled from DC

How To install Active Directory
Requirements of installing AD
1. Windows server computer
2. At last one NTFS Partition.
3. At last 1 GB HDD free space
4. NIC card enabled and connected to network
Note :- Active Directory (AD) can not be installed win server web edition

Installing of AD
1. Go to server 2003 computer and in the ip properties, give
 as ip address and in the same ip in DNS server
2. in the run box type DCPROMO and click ok
3. click  next > next
4. Select domain controller for a new domain > next
6. Select Domain in a new forest and click on next button
7. Type the full DNS name (dns name is with .com)and click on next button
8. NetBIOS name will remain as xyz. and click next
9. Give path for storing Active Directory database and log files or click next
10. Give the path to store the data of systole folder or just click next
11. Select Install and configure . if you have not created DNS . Active Directory will install and configure DNS automatically.
12. Click next and then click next
13. Give the restore Mode password . The password is used to repair AD.
14. Click next  then click next to start the installation of AD.
15. Finally click on finish and restart the computer.

You can create  user in the Active Directory User and Computers. These users are called Domain user and they logon to the domain from the client PC

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