How to block all adults sites

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In this article I’ll show you how you can block adults or porn sites by your router setting. So you can save your children from adult sites. And you can make your home’s internet for safe search.

Internet today has became the need of every people. Now these days internet is common in every home and it’s good. But having Internet at home has many disadvantages. Now you might think that what disadvantage. Now these days everything is available on the internet. I means all the information is available on internet. But small children are in our homes. Children using the Internet is full of experienced.

Now we have to talk, disadvantages of Internet. Problem is many porn sites on the Internet. Children of these porn sites are affected. And we want to keep our children away from the porn site. Therefore, to protect children from porn sites, we will have to block pornographic sites. And in this article I will tell you how you can block porn/adults Sites.

There are many ways to prevent adult sites. In this article you have read how we will block pornographic sites with help of ADSL modem or router settings.

How to block all adults sites by router setting?

Now we have block adults site by opendns. For Block porn or adults site you have need to follow some steps below-

Configure router for opendns use –

1. Open your modem or router setting by IP address  (For example

2. Then router is ask you for username and password for router login. To login your router enter your router username or password. (default username Admin and password Admin most common for all routers)

Router login with ip address

3. Now go to DHCP setting in your router(you will find dhcp setting in setup or advance setting). Go to Setup.

4. Click on LAN setting for open DHCP setting.

5. Open DHCP and enable your dhcp server.

open dhcp server setting in  router

6. In DNS server enter oprndns

  • Primary DNS:
  • Secondary DNS:
7. Click on Apply changes to save setting in your router.

enter dns for save porn site

8. Open Google or ant other search engine and search porn hare.

9. Click to open any adults site.

enter porn sites

10. After that you will see this domain is blocked due to content filtering.

site is blocked by opendns
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